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Company structure

Agora Estates P.L.C. is the issuer of the bond, holding investments in the companies listed below:

  • 100% shareholding of J. Zammit Estates Limited.
  • 100% shareholding of Car-Sun Limited.
  • A 29.99% shareholding of Zammit Business Centre Limited, having 100% voting rights and 96.99% participation rights in total distributable profits. In turn, Zammit Business Centre Limited holds 100% of the shares in De Rohan Business Centre Limited, which company was formerly known as R.S. Supermarkets Limited.

In turn, Agora Estates p.l.c. is fully owned by Zammit Holdings Limited. The 100% ultimate beneficial owner of ZH is Mr. James Zammit, holder of I.D. number 535884M residing at 81, Triq il-Qiegha, Attard. Together, the above companies are collectively referred to as Agora Group.