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Are you interested in developing your property? Be it your home, investment or inheritance, Agora Estates can work hand in hand with you. Our understanding of the development and construction industry ensures a hassle free process whilst bringing you the best value possible!

How does this work? Easy. If you have land or a property which you do not wish to sell but would like to develop, let us do it for you. We can offer you a direct exchange with the financing and building/finishing works against units within the same property. Our team of experienced professionals will develop your land or property to its full potential, saving you money and generate unexpected income. 

Team-up with us for a hassle-free experience.

Selling your property

Selling your property can be easy. If you own a plot of land or house which you believe has potential for development and you would like to sell it, we’d love to meet you! 

The process is straightforward. Upon reaching out to us with all the details and price, we will set up a meeting so that we can view the property and discuss with you the best possible way forward.

Speak to us if you want a smooth and hassle-free selling experience.